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Triland Metals

Specialists in futures trading for base and precious metals, based in London, New York, Singapore and Tokyo.

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The Brief

Triland Metals' website serves a broad global audience, from prospective clients to frequently-visiting traders.

As part of a major re-branding exercise, Wholething were commissioned by brand and identity agency Redfern Design to build a new website.

The site was created to showcase the breadth of Triland's expertise. Presentation of the site would be clean and credible to reflect Triland's corporate responsibilities.


The Solution

Working with the brand and identity agency, the project would take on a consistently minimalist design, Triland being a subsidiary of the Mitsubishi global brand.

Wholething also assisted with Triland's TriView and Tri-X services, to keep their designs in concordance with the main site.

The final product was an accessible user experience, providing ease of use to a world renowned brand.

Home Page

Simple and clearly labelled grids were effective in showcasing Triland's répertoire, guiding users to where they need to be.

Menus adjust seamlessly to various device sizes from desktop to mobile - essential for viewers on the go.


Across the site, photography was extensively used to aid user navigation and reinforce Triland's brand identity.

Multilingual Content

Content pages featured downloadable expert guides for prospective clients.

The website and its downloadable guides are available in English, Chinese and Japanese.


37 Queen Street
Colchester, CO1 2ZH

01255 815555

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