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Designing Libraries

The centre for library design and innovation: a resource for planning and design, a database of library building projects and a marketplace for services.

The Brief


The Solution

Home Page - Designing Libraries

The Brief

Designing Libraries exists as an online-only entity. Therefore the website has to be accessible and easy to use - for both their staff and their audience.

Banner and promotion placement need to satisfy both advertisers and users; relevant to content and visible.

The database of libraries needs to be easy for staff to use, and for users to navigate.

SEO optimisation is, as always, important.


Index Page - Designing Libraries

Libraries Database Filter

Previously, users were faced with an extremely complicated filter form: over 30 inputs were available.

Working with Designing Libraries, we were able to winnow this list down to several simple-to-navigate fieldsets; logically expanding sections of the form to meet users' needs without overwhelming them.

Web Page - Designing Libraries

Library Listing

As part of our Content-First process Wholething re-designed the extant data-heavy library listing pages to be readable while not losing any of the extant data. 

We worked intensively with Designing Libraries to create a data-entry template that satisfied their staff by avoided the toll of completing dozens of fields while keeping accurate data.

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