Findability (including Search Engine Optimisation)

A great site is not much use if no-one can find it. Findability, or SEO as it is otherwise known, is a crucial factor for any site that needs to draw in customers.

Search Engine Optimisation is viewed by many as a mysterious and impenetrable art. Companies pay many thousands of pounds to organisations who promise to propel their websites to the top of the Google rankings, and many resort to 'pay per click' advertising to achieve the same result.

Making your site easy to find

However, there is a huge amount that can be done at the building stage and the at the copywriting stage that will make a website automatically more findable. And surprisingly, much of it is a matter of common sense mixed with a little bit of inside knowledge.

No-one knows eactly how the search engine 'spiders' work. In fact it is a closely guarded secret precisely so that comapnies don't find ways of bending the rules. But in essence what the search engines want at the top of their search lists is good quality sites with content that is relevant to what the customer is looking for.

Get to the top of search lists

At Wholething we have a terrific track record of using good copywriting and common sense architecture design to get our websites onto the first page of search engine lists, if not in the top three results. So if you want your website to be found, you have come to the right place.