Benslow Instrument Loan Scheme

Wholething helped Benslow Instrument Loan Scheme to reach an important segment of their market, while retaining their brand identity and producing an accessible website focused on user experience.


Benslow Instrument Loan Scheme have a great history of lending old classical instruments to children unable to afford their own. Unfortunately their previous website was focused too much on the borrowers, and not enough on attracting lenders or donors. Without donors there can be no borrowers and a solution was sought to fix this.


Working with Benslow's graphic designer and marketing agency, Wholething provided a number of services, including:

  • Domain name consultancy, registration and management
  • Email setup and management
  • Project management of a CMS driven website, allowing Benslow the ability to update the site in real time in-house
  • SEO functionality to ensure that the website appears in the major search engines for relevant searches
  • Ongoing support and management on a monthly basis


Benslow Instrument Loan Scheme now have an on message website, focusing on both parts of the lending agreement.

The site garners more donors, as well as showcasing the great work that Benslow do, resulting in a better brand image and a more productive website.

Traffic has increased by virtue of the search engine positioning and domain name choice, and continues to increase month on month.


"Wholething have helped us achieve our goals every step of the way"

Hazel Bliss
Marketing Director