Wholething have expertise in all aspects of Web from your first Domain Name, Planning and Building Web Sites to online Marketing and Social Media Strategy.

Before you build your Web Site

Building your first web site or even rebuilding an existing one can often be a complex and lengthy process. Planning is critical and "getting it wrong" can often lead to costly overruns of both time and money.

This is where Wholething can help. With our wealth of experience after building hundreds of successful websites we can advise you every step of the way.

Whether its "Best Practice" or avoiding pitfalls Wholething have "been there and done that" and can train and mentor anyone involved in the build in a variety of topics.

During your Web Site Build

The scope of a Web Site Build can change drastically in the middle of the project. This may be down to business changes, unforeseen requirements or even trying to keep pace with changes in technology. Whilst this can be difficult to manage Wholething have strategies and techniques that help you to cope.

After you Go Live

So the sites built, that's it isn't it? The short answer is no. Even the most static Web Sites require some kind of maintenance and planning for this is the best way to avoid exceeding your Web budget. Wholething can help to put together a Web Maintenance Plan.